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Comparing the two high resolution Nikon DSLRs: D800 vs D3x

The 24MP Nikon D3x was the Nikon flagship DSLR camera and also the highest resolution DSLR available. That is until Nikon recently announced the 36MP D800.
While everyone is busy comparing the D800 with the D4 and the Canon 5D mk3, we thought it would be a good idea to see how the D800 compares with the D3x as well.
We have summarise some of the most important features and differences in this table below:

So while D3x’s build quality, shutter life and a few other things are still superior to the D800, the D800 has improved on so many areas. It has a higher resolution, better performance sensor (check dxoMark for the sensor review), much more powerful processor, improved autofocus system, a brand new metering system, can do full HD videos, a slightly bigger LCD screen ¬†and a few other upgrades. It also has the 100% viewfinder and dual card slot which was previously only available on the full frame flagship model.

The D3x was and still is a very impressive camera, but the new D800 shows us very clearly how much technology has advanced in a short 3.5 year time.

And look at the price difference between the two cameras!

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